Synonymum přijatelný (návrh)

přijatelný (návrh)

Relevantní k přijatelný (návrh)

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  • qE62PTQnXd26. 5. 2014

    I'm pretty sure we all have a Fred or two in our lives. I know I do. I have a berthor who I can't talk with about politics or religion but who has taken in a roommate who is down on his luck and who has lived with him now for two years room and board free. When I send him a gift of money for Christmas and his birthday I always have to remind him to spend a little of in on himself otherwise I know it will all go to help someone else. I gave up some time ago sending him anything but money because he gives everything away to someone who needs it more than he does he was born again some 20 years ago and while we don't seem to know or worship quite the same God I'm grateful for his conversion and his loving care for others that need someone like him in their life. Thanks for this great story, Bud! It's a great reminder to us not to judge a book by it's cover!

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