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  • t63Fxrd7Ug27. 5. 2014

    Follow the MoneyThere's been some talk, especially by our beleovd 20% Gavner, that the NATO war on Libya could not have been about oil, becuase Daffy was selling it just fine, and no different than the NTC, etc. I guess this got me thinking and what has been percolating for a while has finally reared its head. The cosmic war that Shi'a Islam is being forced to fight by the forces of Christendom and its already-delapidated Zion is fought on many fronts, one of the most basic or elemental of which is the prevention of ideation contrary to its interests and values. This is done by controlling the limits of discourse, by defining the Overton window. One infamous example is the Mercator projection of the world (a projection of a three-dimentional surface on a two-dimentional one in a way that makes every land mass north of the equator look bigger than it actually is and everything to the south smaller). I guess that's a diversion to what I am building up to say, (but keep it in the back of your minds) but it occured to me that the fact that all the talk of oil focuses on the number of barrels of oil per day produced and exported, but you never once hear talk of whether those export barrels are produced by local companies and indigenous technology, or whether they are taken out of the ground by foreign interests under contracts that usually give half of the produce to the extracting party. Such is the case in Aramco (always has been), and such is the case in all of the client states in the Persian Gulf (Kuwait, Qatar, UAE). Such was NOT the case in Saddam's Iraq, where the industry was nationalized and local engineers did much of the work. Such is also, of course, not the case in Iran, so that, if we were to compare Iran's oil exports (2.6 million b/d) to Saudi Arabia's (10 mb/d?), it is about a quarter of that, but if you compare it to the actual value that is added to the respective contries' economy, then it would be a comparison of $100 million/ year compared to $200 million not $400 million. Obviously, this is significant. And I don't know, but I suspect, that when the Western press talks about the NTC honoring all of Daffy's contracts, I think what they are talking about is that the companies who have concession rights on a given field will get to keep that concession; that they are not going to start from scratch. But it would not surprise me in the least if the fine print (which will of course remain confidential and proprietary ) gives the companies much larger roles in the development of upstream infrastructure, where the real money is at, together with terms that are based on the Aramco (rape the sand-niggers) model, which I suspect Daffy was trying his utmost to get away from. I wonder if THAT rape breaks Agent Sassan's heart?

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