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  • cW8tvBBwpyTF26. 5. 2014

    In response to Dopes:You think that a 3% drop in your cunrret house value has no meaning because your house has gone up 200% previously?That doesn't actually mean anything. My house has gone up similarly -- but over a 15-year period. Average compounded annual rate of appreciation: 6%. That's not a bad gain, but not a bubble gain either. House prices in our area are cunrretly flat. If they fall, I'm still not in trouble. Even if they fall a LOT I'm not in trouble since I have been there a long time, have a fixed interest rate, and more equity than debt.Are you in trouble? No, probably not if the gain in price occurred while you owned the house (as opposed to "it had already gone up 150% by the time I bought and can only go higher!"). You could see much of that gain vanish, but you shouldn't be upside-down on your mortgage.HOWEVER, if you have new neighbors they may be in BIG trouble. They bought at the peak and will not be able to sell the house if they need to move because they may owe more than the house is worth.The bursting bubble can have REALLY bad effects overall without DIRECTLY clobbering every single home owner. I own my home and it was a sound financial decision. The bubble burst will not directly impact me. However, if my neighbors have resetting ARM's that they can't refinance due to falling home prices, that WILL hit the economy and therefore will get me indirectly.It's just not as simple as you seem to think. It gets you directly if you bought at the peak, indirectly otherwise, but it will affect you.

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