Latinské slovo exsequor


  • následovat, provázet
  • vykonávat, provádět, plnit, vyřizovat
  • vypátrat, vyzvědět, vyšetřovat
  • stíhat, mstít, sledovat (za účelem trestu)

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  • NOwrHR9YlKON26. 5. 2014

    Dave AdlardThe least cool? I don't think so! How can you not be cool when you play on ice?The cretins who think cuinrlg isn't cool just don't get it Curling rocks the house! It simply sweeps the other sports away in terms of raw nerve, cool pants, and the fact that it looks like a sport that every-man can jump off the couch and do (alright, some of the Olympians DO put down their beers, doritos and get up off the couch and compete, but some, as the uber-charismatic Kevin Martin (he just MIGHT look better if he shaved the fringe off, but that's just me) are workout fiends.As a life-long competitive curler, cuinrlg is a blast: it's a social, exciting, addicitive team sport where after-match celebrations feature heavily in the enjoyment.Other advantages:~ You hardly sweat, so you can head to the bar quicker~ Your brooms can double by helping shovel the snow off your car after~ Even us old guys can compete and compete well at the highest level Old age and experience will often beat youth and skill, and now that I'm in the experienced age group, vs. the young and skilled group, I know know why the old guys used to like beating us so much when I was younger.~ What other Olympic sport has stoned as a main conversation piece?The young nay-sayers might say it's uncool, but if that was the case, why is it one of the top Olympic draws on TV and in person? And, most important, if it was uncool, would Canadians play it? I mean, hey, there aren't many cooler countries in the world, are there, eh?(And, for the intrepid folks in PA, the button (the little circle in the middle) is still only worth one point.)

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